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Enough trial and error! You can safely order exactly the members you need through the Telegram member purchase panel and the growth of BTM Marketing social networks.

We have provided you with several services and most importantly you can easily trust this time.

Because our member and member recruitment panel have the symbol of electronic trust from the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade.

By entering the growth panel of BTM Marketing social networks, hundreds of services will be provided to you.

Regarding attracting TelegramLinks to an external site. members, different methods such as: attracting active and semi-active Iranian forced members, attracting optional pop-up members.

Members with a blue tick You can also use other services on Telegram such as increasing likes, increasing comments, increasing channel impressions, increasing rich channels.

The interesting thing is that all these services are provided to you online and fully automatically!

All you have to do is register the order and then you can check the status of the order at any time by following the order.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact our experts 24 hours a day through the support ticket.

Why we must buy Telegram members?

The more members you have, the more credibility and reputation you have on social media, and if you are promoting a product or service, this is one of the most important things.

When you start your Telegram business, audience growth is a real challenge, and this is where buy Telegram members comes in.

The more you know about your members, the more trust you have in your Telegram members, and this increases your Telegram members. You will be.

What is the need to buy Telegram members and followers?

Well, in order to increase the credibility of the Telegram channel, if your posts have a lot of likes and comments.

Telegram gives a special priority to your channel and will introduce you to Explorer, and as a result, you can attract many members this way.

On the other hand, if your audience is a little alert, seeing the likes and comments on your channel will give you more trust and follow you, and this will make your channel more credible.

Increase sales of goods and services with Telegram!

The unique features and characteristics of Telegram have made it a significant presence for business owners and it has become the fastest, best and most effective way to advertise and attract customers.

According to the latest statistics released in 2020, Telegram is the most effective social network in attracting customers and increasing profitability.

As a result, you can greatly increase your sales among your competitors with a strong presence in our Telegram space by buy Telegram membersLinks to an external site., likes, comments, view stories, rich and impressions.

For the first time, BTM Marketing has been able to accompany many businesses on Telegram in this way by presenting a dedicated panel for the growth of social networks.

Buy Target Telegram members

If you are looking to grow your business on Telegram and you want to gain popularity and increase your sales.

Avoid buy fake and inactive Telegram members and look for real and Iranian members to visit your posts and get other real members by forwarding your posts to their other friends!

Telegram is very dynamic and lively, and if you have active members, the same members will bring your new members.

You can refer to BTM Marketing panel to buy real Telegram members.

Buy target members

By buy Telegram post views, you have taken the first step in gaining credibility on your Telegram channel, and of course, according to the Telegram algorithm.

Telegram posts that get more likes in the first hours of publishing will be displayed to more audiences in Explorer! This will attract a lot of members for you.

Increase and buy Telegram members in a completely targeted and 100% real way

The new BTM robot is completely exclusive and was updated in August 2016, and you will not be blocked in any way.

Telegram real members that are related to your channel and job will follow your channel daily.

The robot suggested by Telegram consultants, without action block and joy.

To increase members in a targeted, real and Iranian way

In the method of increasing targeted members, with our system, you can specify a channel.

Telegram target members or a combination of them as a member search source for your channel, so that our system can advertise your Telegram channel around the clock.

Advertising means that our system follows and likes target users on a 24-hour basis instead of you, as a result of which it attracts real and targeted members.


In this feature, you can introduce your competitors' Telegram channels and the channels you want to the system to attract their members.

Determining the member based on the location of the map anywhere in Iran and the world and also determining the member based on the hashtag

Any hashtag you want by introducing that hashtag to the system, you can easily attract people who share that hashtag.

Set up your automated activities, hit the start button, close your browser and get to work safely, and check the panel after you're done

Send automatic direct messages to channel members. All members are 100% real

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